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7 Ways that Ego Can Kill Your Presentation

So you were invited to give a presentation on a conference or on a company meetup? That is awesome, but make sure that your ego will not ruin it. People commit those seven mistakes over and over again. Do you?

Job Seekers Start Here: 44 Resume Writing Tips

It would be hard to find a person that never needed to create a resume. I have been self-employed working as a web publisher for almost two years, and I still tend to keep mine updated.
Anyway, if you are in the process of creating one, or think your current resume could use some help and [...]

Making Mobiles More Pluggable and Modular

An Israeli start-up called Modu Mobi has brought a new mobile to the technology landscape that it believes will make people rethink the concept of mobile phones. The product is a bare bones phone that measures 0.3 inches in thickness and 1.5 ounces in weight.
An excerpt from Technology Review
This tiny phone, which is slightly larger [...]

New Developments Could Make Organic Electronics Manufacturing Simpler

Miniaturization of electronic circuits has been one factor driving the drastic changes in the technology industry. The technique to squeeze smaller components into still smaller areas results in reduced form factors and more powerful yet smaller devices.
Organic electronics is one emerging field that is is very promising when it comes to continuing this trend of [...]

Harvard Business School: Most Post Articles of 2007

The Harvard Business School Working Knowledge website recently published the list with their 20 most popular stories of 2007. Below you will find my favorite stories: you can check the whole list here:

Handicapping the Best Countries for Business: India? South Africa? Russia? Which are the best countries for a firm to invest in? In a [...]

Top 100 PC Innovations

What are the personal computer innovations that had a greater impact on our lives? The guys from Maximum PC gathered a list with 100 of them. Below you will find the top 10:

USB (1996)
3dfx Voodoo 1 (1996)
Intel Pentium II (1997)
NCSA Mosaic (1993)
Windows XP (2001)
Quake (1996)
Hayes Smartmodem (1981)
IBM 5150 (1981)
Doom (1993)
DirectX (1995)

You can see the complete [...]

Check Out My New Website

If you are interested in technology and Internet news, I am pretty sure that you will like my new website, I have a team of writers there, and we’ll be focusing on Web 2.0, software, online marketing, open source and more.
Here is a quote from the first post there:
“Back in 2004 Google carried out [...]

Are Names Important?

They are to a certain extent, that is beyond discussion. But can they make or break companies? There is a recent article over Business Week discussing that issue, the title is “What’s in a Name?”
“A name can help a brand to enter the public consciousness (think Google) or disappear quickly (haven’t heard of Ultraviolet Man [...]

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