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Jason Calacanis Interview

Usually when I make reference to an external article or paper I use the adjectives “good” or “interesting”. Well, in this occasion they will not suffice. I just came across an outstanding interview with Jason Calacanis, co-founder of Weblogs, Inc (acquired by AOL).

Nine failures for each success

What if I tell you that statistically after nine failures collected you will manage to hit one success? I mean, what if the success was granted after the failures? I guess you would start trying new things and new projects like there is no tomorrow.

20 opportunities worth gold (literally)

Are you thinking about creating a new company or developing a new technology? Maybe you should have a look at the Business 2.0 article titled “20 Smart Companies to Start Now”.

Top 10 Business Myths

People commit many mistakes when trying to transform an idea into a commercial venture. In order to clarify some of those “classic mistakes” Ron Garret wrote an exhaustive article over his blog titled “Top ten geek business myths”.

Ask the Entrepreneurs

There is a great article over Forbes titled “Secrets of the Self-Made”. It basically features interviews with 14 of the richest men in United States (including Mark Cuban, George Kaiser and others).

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